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001. Action/Voice

Action: LOCKED to [personal profile] believeit/Uzumaki house
[It's midmorning when Shino finds himself in Luceti. Naruto is lying peacefully in his bed, cuddling his pillow close and looking nowhere near ready for the harsh wakeup call he's about to receive.

A swarm of insects slowly emerges from under his bed and gathers in a living black cloud in Naruto's bedroom. And no, it's not a nightmare. Just Shino.

Destiny repeats itself again, it seems.

Action: explorin' (backdated to August 14th)
[A new face (or whatever can be seen of it) can be seen strolling around town. A number of his kikaichu are dispersed all around the village. To most, they'd be unassuming, nothing more than an insignificant little bug. But they are primarily drawn to large sources of energy, chakra to some, and are spread out to scope out the surroundings. If there's a bug buzzing about, Shino is probably not too far away. Needless to say, he'd be pretty upset if you were to kill one of them, intentionally or not.]

Voice: journal
[There is very little to be heard but the sound of the flipping of pages, unravelling past entries like an age old scroll. Perhaps the journals may not be able to pick up such minute vibrations of insect wings beating as they brush past, but as a collective it's more than audible enough.

Then all is quiet but that building buzzing as his hand stills, a certain name catching his attention. Uchiha Sasuke. So it was true, he was here too. His return is something that is fresh in his memory. Whatever Sasuke had claimed about his loyalties and goals had yet to be disproven, but in Shino's eyes, his previous actions could not be erased so simply either.

... Hm.

[That's... it.]
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all of the action

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[That sure is snoring. And is that drool? Poor oblivious Naruto, happily dreaming away and pillow-snuggling, having no idea what is going on around him.

The sound of buzzing above begins to stir a reaction out of him though. Well- enough for him to mumble something in his sleep and swat a hand at the air.]
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[Momentarily free from Shino's control, the kikaichu swirl over poor unsuspecting Naruto, some performing aerial feats above his head, others landing on whatever whatever surface there is available. The window pane, crawling into his sheets, even coming to rest awfully close to Naruto's mouth. Don't breathe too deeply now!

Shino himself crawls out from under the bed, slowly rising over his sleeping form.

... Naruto.
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[The bugs crawling all over him are making him itch. After a few mid-sleep scratches are unable to get rid of the discomfort, Naruto wakes up just in time to hear someone call his name.

He's confused over who it is- he knows enough to know that it isn't the voice of his mother or father- but he doesn't get to think any more of it because once he sits up and opens his eyes there are BUGS. EVERYWHERE.]

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[Kushina is actually on the way to Naruto's room to wake him up when LOUD SCREECH



Naruto! What's--
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2/3 HA

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[.........are those bugs


that's a shinobi forehead protector

aka ally]

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[Whilst jumping off the bed he more or less bashes into Shino, who is standing there.]


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[Surely that [WHO THE FUCK IS THAT] is referring to this woman who just burst in? Because there's no way you could forget such a good pal like Shino. Right? Right.

He may be quiet, but not terribly rude on intention, remembering to greet Kushina with a nod before he turns back to stare down Naruto. Watch where you're going, buddy.

That is a question I was hoping you could answer, Naruto.

[This better not be some awful prank now. He's already managed to wake up on the wrong side of the bed (under it), so perhaps his patience is cut a little shorter than usual today.]
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u guys mind the threadjack???

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[Yes, when you hear your son SHRIEK something is obviously wrong. So papakage makes his entrance in a fleeting gust of wind just beside Kushina. Got that right, he has this whole house sealed. He doesn't usually hiraishin his way around their house but Naruto SHRIEKED (like a little girl) so it means trouble.]

What's going on? Naruto, are you-

[Then he sees the forehead protector and addresses its owner.]

Who are you and what are you doing in our son's room? [Not bringing out his kunai yet because ally, but if this person hurts Naruto.... Strangely enough, he looks a little familiar. He swears he knows him from..... his village. Hmmm.]
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[Now Dad is here too, and Naruto is still stood there in this muddled up state of shock, confusion and being grossed out because eww EWW there are fucking bugs all over HIS BED HE IS NEVER SLEEPING IN IT AGAIN NNNNNGH]

Yeah, Shino! [Oh look at that he actually remembered who you are. That annoying way of talking plus gross bugs tipped him off.]

Why the hell are you climbing in through my window and watching me sleep! [That must have been it, how else did he get in here. Also he's moving away and totally going to hide behind his dad away from the CREEPY PERV] Just use doors like a normal person! And don't watch people!

And don't cover them in bugs!!

/hoards justine

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[beside Minato, Kushina is busy grinding her teeth a little and having red hair whip around her face in nine tails shiiiiit

and bunched fists immediately go to her hips as she ROUNDS ON SHINO]

These are your bugs?

[pointing at the mess on Naruto's bed SHE THOUGHT HE WAS EATING IN HERE OR SOMETHING

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aww c'mon share a little Justine with the rest of us :>

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[When Minato appears, it's all to easy to recognise the man as one of the faces on the Hokage monument gracing the village. He doesn't forget faces as easily as their son. The flashy coat (if he's wearing it) with YONDAIME HOKAGE emblazoned on it is also a dead giveaway. And the hiraishin thing. MINATO HAS A VERY STRIKING PRESENCE??

So let's get this straight: Naruto's undead parents have walked/teleported into Shino in nothing but a pair of white cotton pants. Looming over their son's bed. Surrounded by bugs. Oh.

... They are my kikaichu, yes.

[Shino is a little taken aback, considering all three of them are looking kinda D< at him. But that annoyingly stubborn part of him that occasionally rears its head firmly believes he did nothing wrong. He still doesn't even know what's going on! Threatening their son with chakra eating bugs is probably not the ideal way to Meet The Parents though. Swiftly recalling them back, the scattered kikaichu all fly towards him at once and... unfortunately he's not wearing his usual 3983426 layers so they all get to witness the spectacle of his entire swarm burrowing into his skin to nest. YOU'RE WELCOME. After the horror show is over, he continues to answer the other question without any fuss:]

You can consider me to be a friend of Naruto's. [A friend who shows up under his bed in the morning and bombs the room with bugs.]
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[Yes, Shino, he's wearing ze coat!!

Also, unlike some other people, Minato didn't feel any sort of unease witnessing the horror show. In fact, that immediately clued him in on why this certain fellow seems familiar to him. He's from the Aburame clan! Now it all makes sense! Minato really wouldn't put it past this place to drag in another member of another clan in Konoha. So far, most of the clans from back home are well-represented here.

And judging from his attire, Minato can also deduce he just arrived. He remembers Naruto and him wearing the same thing when they first entered this world.

Letting down his guard now, the young Hokage nods.]

Alright, I see. I understand you just arrived, if I'm not mistaken?
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[Minato may be calm, but his son is not. In fact Naruto is pointing, then screeching, then acting like a giant baby because he can see bugs crawling back into Shino's body and it is gross and why would he even want that and oh god just no]

[And he was just about to ask WHERE THE FUCK HIS CLOTHES WERE but Minato just mentioned that he must have arrived. Okay, he's calmed down now. Mostly.]

Eh? You just got here?

[mumbled:]...Could've sworn you were already here...
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[Kushina is only a little weirded out by the bugs crawling into Shino's skin, not scared. She's seen it before because KONOHA NINJA ARE WEIRD. But unlike Naruto she isn't screeching like a banshee. NARUTO CALM DOWN.

With Minato letting down his guard, Shino's explanation that he's Naruto's friend, the obvious sign that he's NEW, Naruto's familiarity with this bug-person, Kushina finally relaxes but is no less irritated.]

If you just got here, then what's with you showing up in Naruto's room out of nowhere and scaring the crap out of him?

[by extension MINATO AND KUSHINA AS WELL because they thought Naruto was in trouble]

... Some sort of prank?
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uwaa /cuddles you all

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[Naruto, he heard that one mumbled afterthought and stubbornly files it away to hold it against him later. For now, it's probably best to address the family altogether without trying to step on any toes. He nods in response to the newcomer comment and adds:]

If it were a prank, I would not have chosen to appear like this under someone's bed. Why? Because not only is it rude to show up to someone's house in the morning unannounced, there is little need to do so while undressed.

[For someone who seriously has no clue what's going on, Shino is doing pretty well, treating this with the same degree of calm as he does with every other odd escapade. He's unsure, but able to react to new information. Freaking out and pointing fingers would probably be of little help nor was it his style anyway.]

As for why I appeared 'here'... [wherever here was] ... That was something beyond my control and perhaps better answered by someone else.